We have moved to a new website.  Please visit us at linneasboutique.com.

Xiao was founded in 1998 in the San Francisco Garment District.

Our mission is to inspire the person wearing it and unite art with the modern day attitude for personalized comfort and utility.

Our entry into manufacturing consisted of novel women’s outfits and gradually added item Jackets and Shirts under the name brand “A La Mode into the collection as the demand became more item driven. Women need that unique, rich, and unusual outfit that they can wear to feel elegant for casual, special occasions or work. Xiao is for those women who want to look stylish and out of the ordinary but still remain comfortable at the same time. Inspired by unique patterns of woven Rayon, Tencel, linen, and knits, our embellishments are hand-made into artistic trims and patchwork. Xiao is a classy, artsy, unique, detail-oriented, updated, versatile, crossover look for the sophisticated woman who has a sense of style.

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