neon buddha started with the idea of producing a lifestyle clothing collection for travel, home, work, yoga and you. the collection is Canadian designed and produced and managed by a team of 300 women in Chiang Mai, Thailand. our team and the environment have inspired us to make products that can be well worn for life’s adventures and designed with a conscience.

neon buddha’s ethical work standards are fundamental and at the forefront of our management strategy. all of our staff has company paid health care including maternity leave. education is also a focus of ours. we offer paid continuing education which includes free English classes for all staff, their family and friends. currently we have 2 staff completing their master’s degree.

during the season any excess fabric is donated to several non-governmental organizations and women’s groups where it is used in income generating projects.

with the environment on our minds with every season neon buddha is looking to incorporate sustainable practices into the collection. currently, both the Canadian head office and our Chiang Mai facility uses solar power to heat domestic hot water. extra insulation has also been installed into the buildings to keep the staff cool in Thailand and warm in Canada. all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal are recycled.
at our warehouse in Chiang Mai, dozens of trees have been planted for shade and green spaces have been created for our staff to enjoy and to offset our carbon foot print.

a company goal for this year is to lessen our carbon emissions by shipping less product by air and more by sea. You can also help by placing your orders with a 90 days lead time; thus guaranteeing that your order will ship by sea and saving the planet the extra CO

we hope this tells you a little bit about our passion for our clothes, the environment and our people
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